A Sacred Pledge Of Love

Let us go for a stroll along
The sandy shore of that faraway land
Where mellow dreams are born,
Where we can be together for awhile.
There the lively trees
Shed their yellow leaves
When a heavy rain washes them anew.
And there the silver sand
Twinkles under the moon
When the sky has done shedding all its clouds.
Let us sketch a route through the falling rain
And etch our footprints on the sand
Where such mild is the wind that blow,
It will never be rude enough
To gnaw at our sacred pledge of love.
There the lush, pretty plains
Are beds to lovers’ calls
When their limbs shall grow too weary to hold.
And there the soft green grass
Soft as no feather is
That will revive the ever flowing love.
Let us go there and see the butterflies
Dancing amid the flowers bright
With scents to faint the winged thieves.
Let us go there and lie beneath the sky
Studded with countless stars when the night
Brushes away all weariness.
And there no one will say, watch yourselves
When we shall share the kiss.
There the silent river
Flows like a mountain stream
Babbling transparent like a maiden’s dream.
And there the chirping birds
Sing love hymns unbidden
When the morning sun appears on the sky.
Let us go there and take the vow
O God, do us part till we die!

Lost My Sleep Again

Thought I have learned to say, “No it is not for me”
But now it seems that I have lost my sleep again.
Even with a tired heart and limbs nor can I sleep
when the city sleeps like the calmly sky. My thoughts
Keep moving to and fro in between consciousness
And the bliss of its absence as if they don’t know
The ashening lines etched between life and death;
Till my senses have ceased to work I can not sleep.

Thought the chemistry of sleeping, I knew it all
But now I’m witnessing the birth of dawn again,
Just before the death of the night, when the fairies
Too from another land would cease to move beneath
The shadows cast by a lonely cloud and when
Even the keen ferocious owls have returned home,
With worn-out limbs and bleary eyes I can not sleep
Till my senses have sacrificed their consciousness.

The Sleeping City

The city sleeps at night
When the sky is shining with silver light
And my blue dreams are spread
Soft and cover-like on a forlorn bed,
Encased in blocks of pain –
I’m living as much as your thoughts retain.
From the simple ties of love
You moved away and despite we still live
Beneath the same stretch of the sky
We are light-years apart.

How I poured out my heart
On those bright and shining neon glowing nights
When we walked in the dark
Unafraid as we held each others hand!
How I lost all my love
Amid those dark hours of loneliness
And how I do not know
I became nocturnal with life’s sorrows!

Now all the tears shed from the sky
Are mine for life to hold.
Now all the agonies of the city
Are ceaseless in splashing down on me.

What You Have And Haven’t Heard In A Lot Of Songs

You have heard of grand sun rises
Bringing back the earth from its nightly death
And how they flooded the rivers and the plains
You have heard in a lot of songs.

You have heard of glorious battles
By heroes won or heroically lost
And how the flowing blood sluiced through the dirt
You have heard in a lot of songs.

You have heard of sweet afternoons
When two lovers walked by a setting sun
And how the grasses blushed a greener shade
You have heard in a lot of songs.

But tonight when the sleeping wolf
Woke up and went on its round, suddenly
I heard a thunder rumbling far away
I looked up and felt a rain drop
On my face. Then I brought my hand
And touched that pure thing and out of the blue
I heard a rare song where you wake me up
With your flooding love sluicing through the clogs
Of agonies locked away in my heart.
Then I walk again underneath
A silvery shining moon, with your hand
Delicately held in mine.

We stayed like that till I could hear the song no more…

Cry No More

Cry no more with a broken heart, don’t weep!
A lot of your wishes on earth
Would never become true, so cry no more!

I remain as I was, so far away
From you even today, my heart
Holds your memories floating in tears shed.

And when we’ll meet again some day don’t ask
Why my shadows are still alone.
I remained as I was, so cry no more!