Fight My War

Are you fighting my war
With an infested society, where
There are more mouths than hearts
Toiling and sweating for the gore
And more instincts than thoughts
Freely roaming around the world?

Don’t give up, no matter
How hard they hit you back, the pain
Can last a life, no more,
While the infection had his rule
For some thousand long years.
The time has come to fire a blow.

If we can’t destroy it
Who knows for how long it shall reign
And split asunder the life of
Who knows how many human souls!

10 thoughts on “Fight My War

  1. This poem was almost a shout, but has remained in control, has retained its restraint. So much you have said, and so much feelings is yet locked away; your poem is a curtain – draw it away and the tide of your feelings would come tumbling through. And yet, I think you may have been mindful of this very thing, which is why, perhaps, that you carefully drew that curtain yourself and left it here, for those to see it if they may.
    Your courage has been noted. Be at peace.

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