The Sleeping City

The city sleeps at night
When the sky is shining with silver light
And my blue dreams are spread
Soft and cover-like on a forlorn bed,
Encased in blocks of pain –
I’m living as much as your thoughts retain.
From the simple ties of love
You moved away and despite we still live
Beneath the same stretch of the sky
We are light-years apart.

How I poured out my heart
On those bright and shining neon glowing nights
When we walked in the dark
Unafraid as we held each others hand!
How I lost all my love
Amid those dark hours of loneliness
And how I do not know
I became nocturnal with life’s sorrows!

Now all the tears shed from the sky
Are mine for life to hold.
Now all the agonies of the city
Are ceaseless in splashing down on me.

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