A Sacred Pledge Of Love

Let us go for a stroll along
The sandy shore of that faraway land
Where mellow dreams are born,
Where we can be together for awhile.
There the lively trees
Shed their yellow leaves
When a heavy rain washes them anew.
And there the silver sand
Twinkles under the moon
When the sky has done shedding all its clouds.
Let us sketch a route through the falling rain
And etch our footprints on the sand
Where such mild is the wind that blow,
It will never be rude enough
To gnaw at our sacred pledge of love.
There the lush, pretty plains
Are beds to lovers’ calls
When their limbs shall grow too weary to hold.
And there the soft green grass
Soft as no feather is
That will revive the ever flowing love.
Let us go there and see the butterflies
Dancing amid the flowers bright
With scents to faint the winged thieves.
Let us go there and lie beneath the sky
Studded with countless stars when the night
Brushes away all weariness.
And there no one will say, watch yourselves
When we shall share the kiss.
There the silent river
Flows like a mountain stream
Babbling transparent like a maiden’s dream.
And there the chirping birds
Sing love hymns unbidden
When the morning sun appears on the sky.
Let us go there and take the vow
O God, do us part till we die!

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