Fight My War

Are you fighting my war
With an infested society, where
There are more mouths than hearts
Toiling and sweating for the gore
And more instincts than thoughts
Freely roaming around the world?

Don’t give up, no matter
How hard they hit you back, the pain
Can last a life, no more,
While the infection had his rule
For some thousand long years.
The time has come to fire a blow.

If we can’t destroy it
Who knows for how long it shall reign
And split asunder the life of
Who knows how many human souls!

Life In Space

What difference would it have made
If I did not wake up at all?
Suddenly, a surge of rushing
Images flooding me, as if
I’m really going to die, right now!
But when was I ever that fortunate?
How much guts would it take to turn
Back to life and say while looking
Square at its eyes, all my efforts
Have gone in vain and that it still
Is a mere naught? Not much I hope.
Last night, just before I have closed my eyes
I had this strange feeling as if
I had gone to space, with no gravity
I’m floating through an emptiness
With no aim, like a satellite
Moving round the earth, mirroring glasses
Had replaced my skin and right then
I fell in love with it, the state
Enveloping all my imperfections
And let me remain true
To all the faces strolling by.

Paranormal Love

Some say that there exist a line
In between valued life and the scary death
That stretches all the way from here
To the distance our human eyes can see.
Let’s go for a stroll on that isle!
We would walk on it till everything
We used to know are left behind
And we have reached some unknown place
Where no one can recognize or can tell
Who we were in our previous life.
Come and let’s be together for a while
On that lonely path winding back home.

Some say that there is a tree on that road;
It stands there wide and all alone,
Bearing all our names on its leaves.
We would recline beneath the tree
If its found while we take our stroll
Walking hand in hand, both dreaming
That we would never let it go.
Let’s watch the leaves falling on the ground,
Lying there, shrouded by the heaps of brown
And drying leaves. Then the time too will cease
Its flow and watch us humans making love.

Let’s go before returning back to earth.
And when the needed time is gone, with the world
From our separate homes we shall see
A whitish green leaf sprouting from the tree.

Is There Love

You have so often wanted to know
Why did I never search?
When you know the underlying chemistry
It’s hard to fall in love.
You might disagree like them,
But confessions are hard to make.
And I have never looked for one,
Let alone coming at the end.

You had your ways with life, but so had life
His with me. When my blood was green
Like the earth, a long time ago,
What was wrong in falling in love
With the moon? And what wrong there was
When I was forced to go, far, far away?
The moon was never mine,
It could have never been.

The same stretch of the sky over our head
Still remained, well, how vast the earth can be!
A grain of sand before eternity.
Yet just the silence all alone
Followed my drooping shadows with its heart,
No one else. I thought of you day and night
Both of us lying on the same grain of sand
With our deprived senses.

Then one day, the distance
Like the bond was gone with a finger raised
At having been failed to give our lives
A solid feast, on which one can
Stand at ease and thoroughly plan
Procreation of yet another
Generation of the species
On an already infested world.

How I longed for your musky smell
When I had thoughts of you back then.
Now I can not help but wonder
Just what would have happened if I
Didn’t have the sense of smelling! With no sight
How could I have known how pretty you are?
Suppose I had no sense of touch
Could I have ever made you smile like that?

But in my dreams, when the dying night
Has begun to fade with the peeping sun
I can not smell or lay my longing touch
On you, what I feel, is there love in it?

An Inconsiderate Life

Nights and days keep rolling on as ever
Oblivious to everything around.
Nothing ever can make them flinch
Not even the day they would last
Feast upon the dying earth
Before the earth shatters
In to a few trillion pieces
And succumb finally to oblivion.

On that thorough day, read so much,
When that fabled end of earth happens
Would night and day, for once at last
Stand and wonder, just what has taken place,
Cause then they too would die.
Come now, silent Night, stand awhile
And listen how someone’s earth got shattered
A long time ago and yet how he lived.

Tell me Night how do you feel when the world
Comes back to you as each day
Turn its back to the earth, which like a dog
Has followed the sun all day long.
And now it seeks shelter from you!
Tell me Night don’t you feel
You should have better died.

Once upon a time someone like the night
Saw his world running behind the fair sun.
And when the sun vanished
With a last red kiss on the western sky,
The world came back to him.
On and on, with the birth
Of each day he must bid his love good bye
And welcome her back with the end of it.

But that wasn’t a life, it couldn’t be!
Yet if it wasn’t so, who lived till he died?