A moment’s bliss was all I craved. All along my life I had no past, no future to look upon with love and care. I lived as each day broke with mellow dawn, as the sun arced towards the dusk. And I kept dying when the night went to sleep. My lazy days and the living portion of the nights were full of crying thoughts. Contradictions, silly and powerful running errands everywhere, reigning all over with our nod of ignorance. Now I know why the ancient wisdom said that ignorance is a sheer bliss.

Frank Discussion

Hey, you stupid fool, look at me!
Listen for once and save yourself
From the loss. This is the real life
And fancy dreams are worthless use of time.
They won’t ever have enough space
To grow or to thrive. The real world
Don’t have the leisure to nourish these thoughts.
So come away, still while you can
Siring such ragged hopes or a life spent
To make them come true would fail in the end.

How dare you! I live on my own,
And all my dreams are harmless too,
I have never cherished a hope
That by being true can make one desperate.
And this time, after witnessing
So many shattered dreams around
I hope life grants this wish to let me live.
For how long is a human life?
When a soul as old as a century
Is nothing in the Gant-Chart of the world!

Precisely, what you have said
Was the point you were told before
That your human life is so short
You were born and right away you must die.
Above six billion souls like you
Are living on this world right now
And the sky of the world isn’t big enough.
Sire them when you have reached the sky,
Although weaving dreams will ever remain
A sheer waste of your health, effort and time.