By the rising sun, whose flight each day paints the world
With mellow light, I swear that I have no complain
Nor any vengeance burning deep inside. I swear
There were no tears to bury when I buried the pain.
By the silver moon, whose shining light floods the plain
I swear that my eyes are never wet. By the sky
That damps the distant fields with heavy rain, I swear
Life’s still as gay as it was when we bade good-bye.

Philosophy of Pain

When I was supposed to feel pain
and agonies as if I have
lost a limb, lost an eye, as if
I can see no more, no longer
can I touch or feel with my hand
the warmth radiating from your face,
startled for a moment certainly,
I must admit, life was frozen
and even time had ceased to flow
but that’s for a moment, no more.

And then soon I can not recall
that if I ever had a hand
or whether I could ever see.
When the moment had passed away
when life had thawed back to old life,
it felt like I had never seen
anything cause I never had
an eye and so it felt as if
that I had never touched a face
because I never had the hand.

There’s no way you can feel the pain
of losing things you never had…

And slowly then when the sheer bliss of ignorance
sets in, pain becomes almost as dear as life.

Philosophy of Life

The world’s a stage I know
And we, to play some part
And act in a few baffled roles
Then to fade from the screen, are here.
Toiling from dawn to dusk
To remain fit as life
We fall asleep, when ambitions
In desired roles come as dreams.
Or acted parts from the past
Jolt us with nightmares,
So we leave the bed half smiling
Or wet with a frown, deep and dark.

But of us some must, if only for the players’ sake
Step down and with human eyes see the grandest play.