Philosophy of Life

The world’s a stage I know
And we, to play some part
And act in a few baffled roles
Then to fade from the screen, are here.
Toiling from dawn to dusk
To remain fit as life
We fall asleep, when ambitions
In desired roles come as dreams.
Or acted parts from the past
Jolt us with nightmares,
So we leave the bed half smiling
Or wet with a frown, deep and dark.

But of us some must, if only for the players’ sake
Step down and with human eyes see the grandest play.

2 thoughts on “Philosophy of Life

  1. Hey Amit.. You are not alone- actually all of us are and so am I too.. very beautifully etched this one is- the veracity unless someone attains Enlightenment.. For now- just Live.. Live you will!!
    Loads of Love xx

    Liked by 1 person

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