By the rising sun, whose flight each day paints the world
With mellow light, I swear that I have no complain
Nor any vengeance burning deep inside. I swear
There were no tears to bury when I buried the pain.
By the silver moon, whose shining light floods the plain
I swear that my eyes are never wet. By the sky
That damps the distant fields with heavy rain, I swear
Life’s still as gay as it was when we bade good-bye.

18 thoughts on “Vow

  1. I vowed too . But those half moons of dark under my eyes gave me away and those tears I had promised to hold back become run-offs when I least want them to.
    Your poem reflects resilience and strength:)

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  2. This old world is still going to spin around even after we’re gone isn’t it?
    Shedding pain and burying it without any tears could be quite a job.
    I guess if I was to tell my self something and truly mean it I could put it aside
    but would it not still hurt somewhere even if it was deep in the ground?

    You propose lots of thought with such a beautiful poem …I love the way you describe the two different lights as well.
    Take care and peace be with you

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