I’m at odds with the setting sun,
Racing against its steep descent,
Running behind. I must reach home
Before the darkness invades the world.
Busy lives on the road have no heed
And they don’t have the need, quiet rightly so.
All around me, heading everywhere,
Chaos seems to have given its name to life.

The fading light, reddish with dust
Is thick with exhausts from the life,
I can’t breathe and my weary legs
Grow heavy with each step but I can’t stop.
I must reach home while the evening lurks
And before I’m lost for life in the dark.


Why am I what I am? Often
In the last few days lately,
My ever wondering heart kept asking
Myself without a good reply…
And who am I to say some thing
As an answer to a question like that…
Usually wondering ends there
While the question remains alive
Almost till the Death is dead too…

And Tonight

… And tonight I won’t keep my windows closed
So the chilling wind blowing loose
Can rob me off the warmth that’s left with me.
Tonight, I shall let winter come
And freeze my crumpled bed, as vast and nothing
As the starless sky, with no moon.
Tonight I won’t wait for the morning sun.
His cruel, yellow light brought me back
From last night’s spent and happy dreams of you
To the cruel world, to my rugged bed.
And tonight my curtains shall not be drawn
So the winter with her shivering touch
Can whisk me off to some place where
I have never been and then let me go!

A Night That Stood Alone

Raining her face with kisses all night long
I came up with a foggy sun at dawn.
Like a cloud I hovered everywhere
Tireless, though beads of perspiration
Drenched us both from that raging storm.
Soon, unwrapping her secrets one by one
We reached a state from where there’s no return,
Soon enough we were as wild as two boars.
Yet when the first ray of the sun
Pierced the haze of dawn, she was there no more.

Falling In

When the bright sun was eclipsed yesterday
With shadows from below, I saw the moon
Glowing silver and soothing blue.
And right away a frozen heart within
Began to thaw. The blood rushed to my face
And my fallen pulse throbbed again.
The lavish moonlight in mild whispers said
they’d be gone in an hour or two hardly
And they asked for my eyes till then.
To which I couldn’t say no, being thunderstruck.
Standing there on the corridor, after
A long long time, it felt like I was falling in.

When the parching wind shook us to the core
With a chill from up north, I came across
A Jasmine smelling sweet at night.
I shivered, but not from the chilling cold.
I felt as if that sweet smell, suddenly
Was all that ever flowed through me.
The wind around, dewy with shreds of fog
Smelled the same. And then I could breathe no more.
In whisper asking for my love
Till her scents all fade to thin air, she said,
‘Come and be mine!’ and I couldn’t say a thing.
It felt like as if again, I was falling in.