To The Snake

There she lies, lithe and coiled up like a snake.
The brightness of her brownish glow
Deepens the dark hue of the floor.
Here I come to embrace her for the life.
Bye bye green world and goodbye light
Now to the filthy mud and to the night.
Clouds of smoke with a musky smell
Floating in the air, while my heart
Skips a few beat. She shivers at my touch
And I trace the world on her skin.
Far away, some grand-clock as it chimes
Whispers, “The time is fleeting by…”
The sinuous paths that I have walked with love
From hemorrhage turn darker than before.


Don’t know what woke me up from the depths of
A fitful sleep, a whisper or a thud
Or a blinding flash of light on the sky.
All I could recall, sitting up, alone,
While the dying hour of the cold night arrived,
I was haunted by nightmares in the sleep
And memoirs of faces that I had lost
Was raining havoc on me, relentless.

Then I heard the muted wails from the flurries
Groaning outside the thin walls of my den.
I stood up and approached the large window,
Streaked with the inaugural snow, pure white,
To press my nose upon the pane to see
The nature’s grand and spectacular show.
The flakes quite carefree were floating down
From the heaven somewhere far away.

Wish I were all drenched with them instead of
Dejection wrapped around my solitude
And wish I could touch those furry flakes,
If I still had life on my fingertips!
Soon the morning came but there was no sun,
Today the world shall remain white, it seemed.
And up above, the frozen womb whispered
To me the tales of her happier time.