At Last The Rain

At last the rain came pouring down
Over this city of dust. The city
That turns to mud when the lightest of drizzle
Caress the earth. And it came in torrents,
Soon imposing communism on the roads,
The sewer and our life. Like the blind law
It humbled them as equal and one.
And by the looks of that far away sky,
Flashing with thunders subdued, it rained
Over the budding fields, lying out there too.
The fields that feed and let it grow,
This cancer of metal and bricks, of dust.

At last the rain came pouring down
Over the weary soul, all scorched and burned.
From past and now, from memories and life
Battered and full of scars, the worn out soul
With wounds to hide and rages to suppress
Could at last enjoy some relief.
At last the searing pain, briefly would go
But the roads are rebels nevertheless,
As well as the soul, slowly coming back
With all the scars, just like before…

Too Drunk To Live Too Young To Die

The trees have grown green and fresher leaves
And the air is heady with smells of rain.
Although the nights are as dark as before,
The season of lush greetings has arrived
And million colors are blooming everywhere.
When even the wind of Spring falls in love
With the Nature’s hue, when clouds reign the sky
And fallen leaves of Winter are seen
As forgotten tales from yesterday
I wish to drink life to the lees and soar the heights.
And soon with so much life around I feel
Too drunk to live,
Though deep in my heart I know that I’m still
Too young to die.