The Shifting Sand

… And cold wind blows across the shore
While the bubbles of life, rise up
From unfathomed depths of the sea,
Drawn by the clear light, shining through.
The fleeting wind leaving traces
On the moist grains of sand.
Like ours awhile ago, before
The harmonies of wave leveled the ground.
Yet, the bubbles of life keep rising up,
From the depths where no light can go,
Where the sea is murky black forever,
Rising up to touch the light, shining through.
Then there stands a bunch of trees with no name
Like friends of the lonely shore
Attending the vast solitude
And bearing witness to the shifts of sand.
Their shadows stretching almost to the sea
When the setting sun on the western sky
Is greeted by the high tidal surge
Blue waves caress the shadows good bye.
And no sooner the bubbles touch the light
Fleeting wind takes the life on its wing
And flies to another shore far away
Where the moist grains of shifting sand
Hold its traces for awhile and shadows
Stretch almost to the waving sea….

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