Love Song Of The Night

And then she held these calloused hands
While walking down the path that never ends.
She laid a kiss and whispered her secrets
To the flowing wind. But the words
Were lost behind the rustling dark leaves.
Dim shadows all around. The trees,
Proud while each having a tale of its own,
Painting a ladder on the road.
The prairies below, so long as the moon
Was bare from one lonely cloud,
Looked silver and green while the soft bluish light
Rippled on the grass, like gentle waves.
The violet flowers slept in their cradles
That swayed along. The night heavy
With the strong aura of some wilder bloom.
But then she raised her face and looked at those
Faraway eyes to see, however hard
She might have tried to break loose, she could go
Nowhere else. Fate would send her reeling back
To this ancient eerie path, unbound and free.

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