Half Moon And The World

When the half moon hangs upon the sky
With the dogging star not far behind,
Silhouettes of clouds gently floating by
An eerie silence descends upon the world.
Humid air sets an orb around the moon
And our exhalations around the earth.
While the city sleeps on its decaying bed,
Millions of multi-storied floors are sleepless,
Casting darker shadows against the sky.
An astray dog seeks the pack faraway
With wailing, lost amid that labyrinth
Of ditches and open sewerage paths.
As if some terrible war last night was waged
Against the roads, invisible to naked eyes
And inaudible to human ears;
For another pack of street dogs last night
Cried and cried in unison
Almost till the dawn as if they were
Hearing some horrid tale of woe
Straight from the blazing pits of hell.

Poison In The Air

My heart aches from the poison
That’s in the air I’m breathing in,
A dull, throbbing pain and my face turns blue.
And then my eyes throb from the filth
In the light that makes me see
Those vague and hazy faces all around…
Faraway a flashing thunder
Ignites the clouded sky
With hopes of a heavy rain…
And growing numb from their voices,
For the sounds too are full of stink,
Soon the throbbing spreads to my brain.
And then my whole existence turns weary
From this stagnant life on the earth
Almost to the point of insanity…
The flashes keep coming closer
With louder cries, a cool breeze starts to blow
And my soul waits for a thorough and purging rain…