And The Night Begins

Two rows of street-lights waking up
Some yellow but mostly red, the warders,
Silent as ever and telling no tale
In the city dark night has just begun.
The lamp-posts, tall and firm, curved like shades
Raining yellow lights on the road below,
The road on which millions move to and fro.
And before the night fades from the Sun
Many things both great and small will take place
Some hearts would be shattered and some
Lucky ones would have the grace.
A pair of street-dogs busy patrolling
The chaparral once sowed then forgotten,
Remarking the edge of their reign.
About the street-shops standing on the banks
Men in dresses roam, some in civil cloth
Gathering the price of valued protection.
Cars and crowded buses on the street
And the slaving three-wheelers moving on
Like a centipede, thousand meters long.

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