The Tremor

(Inspired by the status by Pervez Ahmed after the earthquake on 18th September, 2011)

Ashen faces running down, panic reigns
As a sudden tremor shakes the ground
From the feet of the Himalayas up north
To the far lying southern shores.
Millions of people all around run at once
Toward some open space, each trying
To outrun the one in front, for dear life.
The ground, the trees and the buildings trembled too
With everything we have overbuilt
In the name of growth and prosperity.
Continental plates waging war down below
That is Nature in her solemn ways saying, “Hello!”

23 thoughts on “The Tremor

  1. Reminded me of ‘A doctor’s journal entry’ by Vikram Seth. That was another kind of wrath unleashed but the same villains at work – humans.
    I wonder why you didn’t get any likes for this one?

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      1. Ah , true that ! Fate has it’s mysterious ways . Four days ago , I was sulking beyond measure , contemplating to shut the blog and then I have someone who doesn’t even know my name makes me believe that I may have some hope left in the blogging world thank you and thank fate too!

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          1. I took down one in December . A very special one , one about my travels. With loads of love and friends . It killed a part of me then. This one is three months old and I rant more than anything else 😦

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              1. Oh , I almost did. I can’t defend my words all the time , so when am pushed beyond what I can take , am in my shell. Btw aren’t you at work ?
                You sound like my parish priest now !!

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                1. I hope it comes as no shock… I am out of work for a year now… all day long I read and contemplate (and sometime end up writing some crap)… both my parents are over 70 and my father is semi paralyzed, being the eldest son leaving them for a career is not an option for me… tried to delegate the housekeeping responsibility to my wife in 2012 but by last June she had had enough… and I was forced to leave my job to attend to my parents… so now my conscience calls me a good child but my consciousness retorts calling me a parasite single… that is me in a nutshell!

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                  1. You deserve a hug and some more and I can’t believe men like you are still around. Your parents are blessed . Selfless service, like mercy , is twice blessed too . So , while you are out of work , someone up there is busy working out the blessings you are earning . I feel immense pride in knowing someone like you. Listen to your conscience , in the long haul that will be the voice that reigns ! Gosh , I have a new found admiration for you. I have taken a year off myself , it began two weeks ago but not for selfless pursuits . Hugs AR.

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                    1. thoroughly noted and happily ignored…. 😀 see when you put two poles of similar magnetism side by side, in between them they can absorb the harshest of turbulences … that is why the technology is used in designing hi-tech suspensions or to keep highly volatile substances (like antimatter) suspended in midair…. only repelling poles can achieve that.

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                    2. I have yet to meet someone who would say that or believe that . I know what you mean . Nothing else can explain why R ( the hub) can look pass my follies . Friendship is precious ! Have you been to India ?

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                    3. no, I have not 😦 but I hope to someday… travelling around India will let me see the climate of half the world… that’s something I don’t want to miss out!

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