How I Wish

How I wish that you would hurt me no more,
I have lived through a century of pain
And now my ties are severed clean.
I have bled, pale and dry like death
Turning blue with each of my anxious breath,
But now I’ll know not to wait for too long.
For life I know keeps moving on
No matter what, we have to live
Through the lonely days and empty nights
Until death will greet us cold with no time
To shed one longing look behind
And with silent tears in our eyes
Share one last kiss and say, ‘Adieu!’
How I wish that I could stop loving you.

9 thoughts on “How I Wish

  1. How I wish that I could stop loving him … … the last line took me back to something I scribbled a few days ago …

    Doltish Heart

    I wonder if there’ll ever come a day

    when my heart will whisper , “I am done”

    and when I search its implacable nooks

    to find remnants of you , there will be none

    I wonder …..

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      1. No need for apologies . I know there isn’t . I knew all along. I am beyond redemption too , in some ways 🙂
        They never told me I could love only one person at a time and now I can’t stop .

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