Silence of the Night

Sitting alone, as the night in silence
Grew heavier, shedding age old tears
Into the darkness of the night,
She heaved a sigh that pierced through the flying clouds
Then reached the distant stars and made them sad.
Tonight no love with glowing eyes,
Or longing transpired through the fingertips
Is there to trace the contour of her face.
No whispers and no soothing touch to say
She is missed by someone even when love
Has entangled her hair and their limbs.
The sadness in her smell like a violin
Plays out the invisible symphony of sorrows
That spreads like a ripple through the silence of the night.

A Love of Dreams

As fear comes from hope, I’m not afraid
Because I know my dreams will never fade.
When I wake up in the bright morning sun,
When all the sweet dreams of last night are gone,
I can find no seeds of hope left behind
By the dreams to grow as trees that would need
The sun’s care and love from the open air.
That’s why I’m not afraid in loving you
For I know that my love will only dream
And never hope, my life has taught me that
A long time ago. What I feel within
I cannot say, only words can be said
And arguments, explained but emotions
Fluttering in the air are to be felt
In the texture of my skin and the change
In its smell for there is no other way
They can be seen or heard, tasted or be smelled.
Inexplicable emotions can’t be seen,
Can’t be heard or explained, they must be felt,
And feelings cannot hope for they can only dream…

Love At Winter

When the sun is gone from the western sky
And the scarlet blush is fading
With the evening being spread etherized
A mellow breeze starts to blow from up north.
The caravan of clouds are heading back
Sailing with the wind for the sea
From their valiance in battles lost
Against the highest mountain on the earth.
Busy life on the city streets
Starts to take a yellow shade from the lights.
Yet throughout these I let my airy kite
Fly with the wind and rise higher
Than the floating clouds. I don’t know
How far might this invisible thread can go!

For My Love

“Would you please let me hold your hand
And take you down to that faraway land?
There human life is full of peace
And of happiness, not at all like this.
Darling would you please let me love
Like sunshine kissing the clouds up above?
My love, would you please stay with me
Until the day when death would set us free?”
Restless as I try to get some sleep long overdue
All I hear in reply is silence whispering
And see the lonely hours become empty days
But I ask again, waiting through the night for you.


Sweetness is bitter in the end.
Sweet life ends in a bitter death
And sweet kisses in a stale emptiness.
Even when love is all around
Sparkling from dewdrops in the morning light,
Dripping from the warmth of the humid sun
And floating with the clouds on moonless nights,
Some invisible walls remain like a cage
Around you and me, locked inside
For the rest of our lives with no keys.

You and me so close, yet so far away
Like living in a dream of love
Where from the sweet longing to mingle our breaths
We wake up half-way through the dream
Lying stretched across an empty space.
Dreams, sweet and mellow dreams, some still alive
And others buried deep in the distant past,
With our memories fading all the time.

When the sweetness of your smell in the air
Floods my limbs and blood and the soul
I close my eyes but still the taste
Of a bitter loneliness
Is never too far away and I know,
Sweetness is bitter in the end,
For sweet life will end in a bitter death
And sweet kisses in a stale emptiness.