A Love of Dreams

As fear comes from hope, I’m not afraid
Because I know my dreams will never fade.
When I wake up in the bright morning sun,
When all the sweet dreams of last night are gone,
I can find no seeds of hope left behind
By the dreams to grow as trees that would need
The sun’s care and love from the open air.
That’s why I’m not afraid in loving you
For I know that my love will only dream
And never hope, my life has taught me that
A long time ago. What I feel within
I cannot say, only words can be said
And arguments, explained but emotions
Fluttering in the air are to be felt
In the texture of my skin and the change
In its smell for there is no other way
They can be seen or heard, tasted or be smelled.
Inexplicable emotions can’t be seen,
Can’t be heard or explained, they must be felt,
And feelings cannot hope for they can only dream…

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