Going Away

Desolation of emptiness
Riding with us while the city
Clad in a translucent blanket of dust
Lay behind. On the archway through the stream,
Old and dying, we stopped, looking back
The town seemed gloomy, dark and sad.
Up ahead still half of the setting sun
Could be seen peeping through the blushing clouds.
There a while we stood in the wind
Gazing down at the murky stream,
Once a mighty river but now no more.
Four centuries ago she seduced men
With varied skins to settle down along
Her fertile banks, to multiply
By leaps and bounds. She has shrunk from our growth
Since then, being raped in various ways by men
With varied skins. Her tales of woe
Moved us and we could stand no more.
On the ride once again through the dark road
Glowing from the light of a waning moon,
There were brown grasses on the fields
Swiftly passing by in a blur.
We saw them lush and green a month ago
Sporting feathery flowers, soft and white
But not any more. Riding by
Shadows cast from those yellow lamps
Twinkling far, inside those tiny shades
And the sweet aroma of burning woods
Growing in the air. The cool night
Was wet with the evening mist.
Although in the end to sadness we must return
For a while at least we were free and life was fun.

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