Love Tonight

Tonight beneath the lucid sky,
Beneath the softly glowing moon
And far below the twinkling stars
A mellow love will born and die
Turning blue from asphyxiation
Swimming in a vast sea of air.
Tonight upon the dusty ground,
Amid the waving crowns of grass
Across the rippling silver flow
A mellow love will fool around
Craving for the ultimate bliss
With nothing to hide and nothing to show.

Growing Old

So I have too been growing old.
Seems I cannot fence with the words
Doubly edged, no, not any more!
Beneath the setting sun on the purple sky
My steps grow weary with the weight
Not firm in their hold like before.
Across the drying earth on the dusty ground
My mind is scattered all around
Blunt, incongruous, in disarray.
Most dreams resigned, hopes gone far away.

Life in Blood

Feeling numb as if my blood is frozen
And it has ceased to flow through the drying veins.
I cannot speak the words that rage within
The walls of my inert mind like a storm.
If I had wings to fly and if my eyes
Were not so dry, I would have tried to see
If I am still alive or dead and gone
But no, I cannot cry or fly away.
The days are brighter with a glowing sun
Yet darkness of the night is never gone
My vision seems blurry with the flying sand
Parched and ferocious like a desert storm.
I have sketched my life in blood, blue and red
But what prevailed was the rattle of the bone.

Lavish Rags And Soft Blankets

It’s so damn chilling cold outside,
Even the night is trembling pale
But here I have the coziness
Of lavish rags and soft blankets.
I felt so tired after the day
Coming home, I was impatient
For sleep. When tomorrow comes
Refreshed and glowing from the warmth
Of lavish rags and soft blankets
I swear to shed a drop of tear
Remembering the chilling night
And how one might have lived through it
Without the luxuries I had.
Now should I call myself a hypocrite?

A Home For You And Me

See those dark gray clouds gathering
Over the distant Himavant?
Just beyond, the realm of happy dreams,
Hidden from the prying eyes, awaits
For you and me with endless love.
Come take my hand, once and for all!
Together we shall walk across
This land of treachery and death,
Through the arid plains and rivers
Dying fast. Together we shall go
Beyond the dark gray clouds hovering
Above the lofty Himavant.
There we shall make a home for us
In that mellow and happy realm,
A home for you and me with love
Among the countless living dreams.