The Island of Solitude

Been living on this island for ages
Waiting for the dust to settle down
And for the sun to rise again
Shining bright through the hazy clouds.
Right now the world is darker than the night
And the prairies are no more green,
The naked trees cast no shade around
All these fallen leaves dying on the ground.
The loneliness was bitter
When this pure solitude begun
And the silence was deafening
Until the senses got used to the scene,
Until all these mute voices grew
Louder and less clouded inside the dying brain.

The Chronicle of Death

(For the man who spent his life on me with no return – my Father)

…And the chronicle of death unfurls
As we wonder is destiny the hand
Curving the path ahead of us;
Is it the choices we would make along?
Where do we go, there is no light;
Should we succumb to darkness perpetual?
Are we free to make choices all alone?
Can those nightmares from the past
Be left behind forever, if we run?
But the questions keep echoing themselves
Like the hollow room of an empty life.
Still there is no light while time’s running out;
There is something in my head
Growing all the time, bit by tiny bit.
There is a throbbing too, within
And the pain becoming a daily treat.
The void’s spreading from cell to cell
And soon like all the living things
I too must die but sooner yet I know
These eyes will go blind and then no voices
Would haunt me down in the dreams when I sleep.
Yet I wonder how far sleep is from death,
How far she dwells from his abode;
O God, let there be light, once and for all!


Along the road through a forest untamed,
Dark and dense, humid and the mossy ground
An eerie shade of blue, red and brown
Moving toward some unknown place;
The tiny bit of light that could slip through
The millions of leaves hungry and green
During the zenith of the sun
By afternoon is almost gone.
Here the night befalls early and too fast
Without the prelude of an evening
And there is no time for the dusk,
Neither the moon is ever seen.
The sound of water falling on the ground
Keeps growing louder with my timid steps
Though the darkness turns my eyes blind
The thirst inside drives me on.

Charmed by the Moon

The jagged rows of lorries and trucks
Waiting motionless and patient.
Their engines with a low, heavy groan
Humming while the fumes thickened the fog
And a lonely moon traversed the sky.
Hundreds of headlights at full glow
Made the night a part of the day.
While the city slept in ignorant bliss
A part of it came alive and went still
Spellbound as if charmed by the moon.


Sometime when you are all alone
And the night is dark and cold
Suddenly you feel alive
But can find no life to live.

Sometime when the wind’s blowing strong
Scattering the clouds above
Feels like you can smell her hair
But can find no face to see.

Sometime when the sun’s breaking through
The cold darkness of the night
The warmth feels like her lips on your skin
But you know it’s only air.

Then sometime when you are too tired and weak
Sweet life comes begging but you, cannot live!