When I see you haven’t arrived…

When I see you haven’t arrived
by the time the morning sun has gone past
the equator of its flight through the sky,
you are not coming, I can tell.
Going back to my dying bed, I flinch –
yet another lonely night to live
and then yet another wait in the sun
while my shadows become smaller.
Then I close my eyes with a sigh
to forget the miseries of blighted hope
but just the emptiness from your absence
and nothing else intensify.
Bidding for beloved sleep to come,
as the afternoon, through the evening,
is night, how I wish I would never see
the breaking of the dawn, again!
Yet nothing comes and there is no solace too
from the rising sun while another day begins…


2 thoughts on “When I see you haven’t arrived…

  1. Am not sure how many times I have looked at my dying bed and mourned:(
    I have wished not to see the next dawn too and yet when it comes , I have surprisingly survived . You have too, for a purpose. You are precious and I hope someday sleep and peace befriend you.

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