Monsoon Departed (Edited)

Bright sunshine and shadows playing hide and seek
while a mild breeze blows sweetly from the south.
The caravan of life is moving on
through this circus city.
The streets are crowded with three wheelers
and private cars. Their banks panting
with just too many bricks
and iron, teeming with too much
indifferent hopes and dreams.
Soon the night descends wrapped in a dim cloak
and rows of street-lights start to glow –
dim red at first, then slowly cadmium-white.
The late monsoon is ready to depart,
shedding her last few drops of tear
as yellow lights begin to twinkle from them.
While the Moon plays hide and seek with the clouds
and the fog, in hazy film starts to grow,
the winds come in chilling blasts from up north…


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