Who am I? (1)

When I look at any mirror
the face that stares back at me
doesn’t belong to anyone I know…
I’m startled every time, thinking,
who is this and what made those eyes
look so empty and pitiless…
Was it life, was it death, who knows!
May be it was a bit of both…
When I was young there was fondness
and a strange craving for the thrill
to be startled by the unknown face…
But now being old and almost grey
I know, too many surprises
are rather fatal for the heart…

5 thoughts on “Who am I? (1)

  1. To grow up in mere ‘figure’ is not the point. When one grows emotionally then one becomes shock/surprise proof. He is then just waiting for the next tidal wave to come. But still, life never stops to surprise us and sometimes we also amaze our own selves : ) And even if a surprise proves to be fatal, then know that life has just thrown one big sixer at us! Only don’t let the ball drop ; )


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