A Duet With Bindu

When the rain lingers on my face

and trickles down across my skin

there is a longing for your touch inside

while I search for you on the horizon.

I wonder if you are hiding behind-

these dark grey clouds, with your lingering eyes on me!

Wish I could sing the words etched on my heart-

telling you that to your soul I belong!

The wetness brings back a buried time

of incense and rose petals crushed,

of candle lights and mellow kisses,

of slow strokes and silken sighs

amid thunders and faraway lightning.

I am soaked in those memories

while the time grows heavy with a longing,

I wonder if the caress of the breeze

could carry my unspoken song to you!


When the humid wind became soothing cold

and the sweltering sun got buried below-

the dark grey clouds, my wait to greet the rain-

I could feel, should be over soon.

Thunders, blue and white appeared to my eyes

as if it was Diwali up there on the sky.

Yesterday when I asked you for some rain

as you said, it was raining there,

‘But that I cannot share’, you replied.

Deep down I knew your love was too sublime

to deny me anything from the heart.


So when the raindrops smelled like you

it felt like my sanctuary had been found at last.

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