The City in Heat

The city is tired from an arduous day
beneath the humid sun too relentless.
The dawn, clad in a crimson fiery vest,
had brought no easing wind along
nor there was any cloud to cast a shade.
The morning too was damp and stale
while the sun climbed up and the shadows waned.
When the heaven’s eye touched the peak at noon
it was sweltering outside and within.
One could almost hear the sigh of relief
the city exhaled when the evening
was spread across the sky at last,
though there was still no wind to take away
the heat emitting from the black asphalt
and trillions of bricks in all those tired walls.


Here in this absurd place without a name
blind eyes can see more than the rest
while deeds are judged by the words the doers said.
Here in this stumbling flow of time
ignorance reigns and wisdom is rarefied
while virtues are judged by the money paid.
Here the silence is deafening
and life is with emptiness overflown.
Here darkness is clearer than light
and each one in the crowd is all alone.


Dark Longing

Against the rumble of the cumulus clouds
amid the frequent flashes bright
of thunders streaking through its murky plain,
the sullen sky, looks ominous tonight,
like you with a dark longing in your eyes,
silent until the raging storm
of throbbing love would make your senses wild
and your fragrant skin shivering and warm.

The Rain of Love

When the humid wind became soothing cold
and the sweltering sun got buried below-
the dark grey clouds, my wait to greet the rain-
I could feel, should be over soon.
Thunders, blue and white appeared to my eyes
as if it was Diwali up there on the sky.
Yesterday when I asked you for some rain
as you said, it was raining there,
‘But that I cannot share’, you replied.
Deep down I knew your love was too sublime
to deny me any thing from the heart.
So when the raindrops smelled like you
I wasn’t surprised at all, I was rather
soaking wet from the rain and glowing from your love.

The Eve of Death

If you are here to reclaim my wretched life,
let me feel with lust your pale and white skin
and your hair cascading down, untied
as smooth as silk and darker than the night.
If you want to soothe my divergent mind
show me the real meaning of love
before you part your lips and kiss me death.
I remember the sanity of light
fading from the world in a silent rush
like the draining blood from a slaughtered beast
gushing through its jugular vain, severed.
Then I remember how the fallen night
devours the sun while the raging wind grows
chilling cold from the sudden lack of warmth…