The street-lamps in measured steps like a beat
flush your face out of the mirror
speeding by the silent car, as divine
as a painting by the Painter supreme should be.
Between the flashing beats in shadows dark
with eyes on the glass I can testify,
tonight the mild luster of your skin
seems more divine than nectar from the stars.
A heady night; the wind is mostly still,
around the silence inside, stiller yet.
Still sitting alone in the empty car
even when you are gone awhile,
I can smell your mellow scent and
I can feel a joyous glow shimmering, in the air.

The Song of Absurdity

When the mundane joys are alive
and the rare ones are lying dead,
when the grains of dust look gorgeous
while the setting sun is plain red,
I can feel something isn’t right,
though what it is I cannot tell.
Obscured by the ways of our eyes,
sullied by the manners of the world,
distorted through the sounds of our speech
beyond all things I can recognize,
a chaos like some anomaly
in gardens left unweeded thrives.
Dead bodies are just bodies dead,
lukewarm from the fading life,
no stories and no memories,
growing colder with passing time.
Yet we seek and so often find
new histories that make us blind.

You II

When your hairs fly in locks untamed
and their sweet smell hangs in the air
wish I could be the swirling wind,
softly caressing you everywhere.
When the bright tan of your moist skin
from street-lights wears a golden hue
wish I could wet my lips with it
like a thirsty man with a drop of dew.

You I

Even when my eyes are closed I can see your face
shining through the heavy lids like a sun,
whether I’m flying high in a dream or from
a nightmare full of blood and gore I’m on the run.
When I have stopped breathing for a while even then
your smell is all that lingers in my brain,
like you are in the core of my blood cells
flowing to and fro through the arteries and veins.
Even when I have grown too comfortably numb
the desire to touch your skin, soft like cream
and smooth as chocolate, intensifies,
seems what was fed has rather grown the appetite…