We had no hand in determining the place and the caste we were born, yet they determine so much of our life, almost to the extent of defining it…

When I heard, they would come that night, the mob
we fled to the nearest hill, fearing death,
worried that we might never come back again.
We tried to make as little noise as we could
in that grim darkness of the silent trees
and soon their subdued footsteps echoed as they came.
Few, too weak or too bold, who stayed behind-
some fought a battle lost, some with luck resigned
for their end came quickly with a single blow,
the rest were beaten to a slower death.
When the houses were set aflame, the fire
almost exposed us with its orange glow
but the mob was too absorbed, thankfully,
in their victory-dance to look around.
The heavy smell of human flesh burning
grew in the air as we stood too petrified
and the orange light brought an early dawn.
Now we are here with nowhere else to go,
I beg you please just look at them, the kids
you would know the hell from their empty eyes!
I beg you please, for the sake of God and
for the sake of precious humanity
do not push us back to persecution,
do not push us back to the place where we were born!

4 thoughts on “The Crying Rohingya

  1. A wonderful narrative of victimhood to help readers who wish to understand the Rohingya crisis.

    The “boat crisis” is rooted in state-sponsored persecution in Myanmar. But it isn’t a problem of Myanmar alone. No coherent regional or international response to the migrant crisis has come to fruition. Therein lies the heart of the impasse, and the beginning of a plausible solution.

    The risk of more atrocities against Rohingya and other Muslims is high, unless the international community organizes a realistic, workable solution. In my personal opinion, not enough pressure is being put on Myanmar to change course.

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    1. a true expert’s opinion… I wish the world had your ears and heart. And I am delighted to see the poem invoking such a detailed response from you. Thanks a lot for your precious time and views. Yes I agree about intensifying the international pressure on Myanmar, as she is one of the major stakeholders.

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