The Wind

A mellow breeze across
the humid darkness of the night,
reminding me of happy days
and of a better life.
A while ago the wind
was too dry and sweltering hot
like in a barren desert land,
which has withstood so far
a century of drought
to grow this sea of sterile sand.
Still once this place was lush and green,
here the birds chirped and flowers grew
along the valleys, hills and plains,
when I was younger too.
I remember the wind
fresh and richer with life,
with colors and wild smells.
I remember the vibrant time
with music sweet and soft,
reverberating with the sounds of life.
Tonight, after a century
the smell, the sound, the blowing wind
brought back memories in a dream,
lulled like those bygone days
and in that vivid dream, the place
nor the time seemed too far away.

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