Is There Enough Space?

Dreams like muted whispers fade away,
as a face never seen comes alive
upon the drawing board of life
through the invisible hand of destiny
and a voice never heard before
starts hovering in the air like a chant.
When the last thread of sleep is gone
from my tired eyes, I look around
to see the tiny room overflowing
with furniture both new and old,
the emptiness within is hard to feel.
The silence of the night outside
aptly justifies the hour of the dead.
Inside, I wonder, is there enough space?

3 thoughts on “Is There Enough Space?

  1. Your remedy is within you, but you do not sense it. Your sickness is within you, but you do not perceive it.. You presume that you are a small entity, whereas within you is concealed the vast world. You are indeed that magnificent book, by whose alphabet the hidden becomes evident. Therefore. You have no needs beyond yourself. Your essence and secrets are in you, if only you can reflect.
    Imam Ali (A.S)

    Space enough? : )


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