Somewhere an ambassador is dead
from violent calls to end some hideous act
by some inhuman beast, somewhere else.
Somewhere another three hundred is dead
from a careless fire that burned too long.
There shall be fund and retribution too
but how much would they truly compensate!
But here contentment is still way too high
as the life is spent on beds, chairs and roads,
too oblivious to itself as a whole
and individually too selfish and stubborn.
And yet, when the clouds are gone but the moonless night
still sparkles with countless stars far away,
a million shreds of light keeps raining down
out of the paling darkness of the sky.
As the life sleeps in ignorance and bliss,
those falling shreds of light then paint the air
with colors both within and beyond the range
comprehensible to the naked human eye,
then at sunrise they disappear with a muted sigh.


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