Inspired by the content of the following link:

Aboard an ocean liner, vast,
that flew the flag of oblivion
I sat beside the desire of my heart
and she with her warm smile beckoned.
Then I asked how her life had been
since the time we spent together.
While my heightened senses fainted from
the mellow sweetness of her skin,
in her tone lied a bitterness, sublime
and in words barely audible she replied,
‘Hung up, as it were, in ragged chains
of raw nerves and arteries and veins…’
The rest was unheard in the wind
as right then with a sudden thrust the ship
moved ahead through the billowing waves
and for a while our bodies touched.
With a lump in my parching throat
and a surge in my throbbing heart,
I asked, ‘How long the journey lasts?’.
That time around her face was close enough
and her voice, loud and firm, as if
she had prepared herself to answer this
for all her life. As we sat on the deck,
eyes across the sun, ‘Forever.’, she said.

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