Somewhere an ambassador is dead
from violent calls to end some hideous act
by some inhuman beast, somewhere else.
Somewhere another three hundred is dead
from a careless fire that burned too long.
There shall be fund and retribution too
but how much would they truly compensate!
But here contentment is still way too high
as the life is spent on beds, chairs and roads,
too oblivious to itself as a whole
and individually too selfish and stubborn.
And yet, when the clouds are gone but the moonless night
still sparkles with countless stars far away,
a million shreds of light keeps raining down
out of the paling darkness of the sky.
As the life sleeps in ignorance and bliss,
those falling shreds of light then paint the air
with colors both within and beyond the range
comprehensible to the naked human eye,
then at sunrise they disappear with a muted sigh.

The Untuned Song

There the sky was overcast and the wind was strong,
there the days were brief and terse but the nights were long.
An eerie place where joy and sorrow lived together
around me, the only human soul living there.
Everyday I woke up when the morning sun
had entered the western leg of his daily run.
As with evening around the place, darkness grew
the hunger in my blood for life kept rising too.
Every night I waited for some thunders and rain
to pelt the scorching ground and wash away the stain
of all my petty words, viral thoughts and my birth
forever from this charcoal-burned face of the earth.
There the sterile clouds only roared but never cried,
may be there was a way out but I never tried.

Virgin Happiness (A Tale of Seduction)

Virgin happiness unexplored, that night
had seduced me with her glowing skin full of grace,
as temptation to leave a steady life
grew stronger, I pulled her close in a warm embrace.
With eyes shut I inhaled the smell of joy
from the floating softness in the silk of her hair
as with time my passion rose to destroy
my simple world while the smell of love grew in the air.
Yet when I had tasted those full and parted lips,
with her ravenous tongue almost she sucked me dry.
In no time I was down on my frail knees
and couldn’t break the kiss no matter how hard I tried,
while my fingers could only trace beneath her dress
an ever lasting void of arrant emptiness.

Home of the Moon

Then the moon appeared on the hazy sky,
climbing above the obtuse concrete hills
and above the toxic air that we breathe.
There she met the monsoon clouds sailing home
to the highest mountain peak on our planet earth,
where out of chilling sorrow and sheer joy
of reunion, the clouds would shed their lives
falling back as tear drops of rain upon
the sloping ground and then yet another
epic run would start, of rain to her home,
southward flowing down to the azure sea.
Had the moon ever wondered where her home might be
or had the moon ever had enough time
while chasing her glowing love, night and day,
blinded by the glaring flames of the sun
to pause and remember where her home ever was!

Down here a lonely soul from the poison fume
is painted peacock blue like the home of rain
and from a long, vicious life has become
unyielding as that of the monsoon clouds.
Only no rain and no monsoon clouds ever come,
nor the moon shall ever shine with her silver light
to lessen the agony of a broken love,
upon the lonely soul and his vicious life!