The Seed of ‘No’ – 2

The reward, almost immortality
but the enemies too are all around,
overwhelming in their size and number,
in terms of muscle so immensely strong.
Wearing every possible human face,
appearing in every possible form,
of human too, they are pure beast within,
beyond the illusion of their sapiens skin.
From loud and brute to silent and sublime
and the less one is seen and heard, the more
fatally dangerous one becomes.
But first they would send the dogs of the streets,
you might call them the knuckle of politics,
finger joints, hardened from abuse, in front
of a muscled fist too tightly clenched, in front
of a heavy hand and arms, protecting
embezzlement, corruption, laundering
and so many other forms of evil
that comprised the bulk of their stinking hearts
while the eyes and the brain would come at last.
Beast, each of them is a pure beast within
or say, how can they rape their motherland
earned with so much blood from their fathers too!
May be a mutation that wasn’t there before them…


4 thoughts on “The Seed of ‘No’ – 2

  1. Wow…nice build up from the first. This is lovely. I just wish you would beautify the blog a little, change the template maybe


    1. i wish i could … wish i had the aesthetic sense for that … wish one day i would come across my soul mate who could beautify my looks… 😉


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