Dedicated to my fellow poet friend and mentor, Mr. Pradeep Bhatt

Wish I could make these haunting words
go far away! Wish I could leave the surge
of all these incoherent thoughts behind,
buried deep, somewhere in my mind!
But they keep coming back as if
the iceberg of my subconscious world
has unleashed them all on my solitude
to be played like a hollow riff.
The hunger in my blood to fill it in
right then has never let me sleep and dream
and what is left in the end is insane,
no ideas, nothing sublime at the core,
just with the surge of words and scattered thoughts
like notes both in and out of the scale,
a song with no tune and no melody.
Until it is done an eerie agony
would never let me sleep undead and I have tried.
How I wish I could sleep for the rest of my life!

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