I Am Thought

The silent night was dark and cold.
I was returning from my day’s errand
along an almost empty road
that I had seldom used before.
Though the winter was still a month away
the drying wind had an early chill
that rattled the core of my bones
and I hurried on a pair of weary legs.
When I was about halfway down the road
I saw an eerie shade of light, burning red,
which was not too far, so I said,
“I ought to take a look at that!”
and there I found a bleeding girl, too pale.
It was the glow of her blood on the ground
that I mistook for the eerie light.
She was bleeding but still alive
so I carried her in my quivering arms
all the way down to my humble place.
Once there I checked her up and down
and could see a lot of blood but no wound,
so I asked her in a baffled tone, “From where
do you bleed?”, to which she said, “From inside!”.
“Any way it can be stopped?”, I inquired.
Then she tilted up her head to look at me
and spoke with a fiery glow in her eyes,
“No, tonight I must die again.”
I was shocked to hear someone speak of death
with such indifference, as if
they had died more than once before.
‘Had she?’, I wondered and asked, “Who are you?”.
“Ten thousand years ago I was born here on Earth
out of joy, sorrow, hunger, lust and vicious war.
Since then I have lived and died too many a time
to be worried about either life or death again.
Once in every generation I have died
bleeding, though one is yet to see a wound so far.
Then the next morning I would find myself alive
once more, somewhere. I am Thought.”, she replied.

18 thoughts on “I Am Thought

    1. thank you … it is one of my favorite poems (among the ones I wrote) … I wonder if it is unfair to feel more intimate with some of my poems than the rest… but you know the conception, gestation and delivery felt different during different poems and some of them were more thrilling!

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  1. I’m probably off base but this makes me think of a metaphor for peace. Humanity lives with it for a time and the it dies. Did you write this for Paris. You don’t have to answer as artists need their secrets but just saying! Very meaningful to me!

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