You roamed around the scarlet sea
for three thousand years, persecuted,
until the winners of the second war
of the worlds had brought you back to your native ground.
That was sixty four years ago
and since then you have been thriving
with so much excellence that now you must
eradicate humble civilian folks to expand.
Look at those children, innocent
of any hatred or crime against
you or the world! See how serene and calm
their faces are though you have bloated them with their blood!
Casualties of war, you might say
but even Hitler never termed
the holocaust as such, so that would be
all in all an utterly pointless argument.
Are you afraid, like the ancient
Pharaoh of Egypt, of children
too paranoid that they would grow and make
your opponents stronger, so you must slaughter them?
It seems you must have forgotten
that Moses in the end was reared
by the same Pharaoh who dreaded him the most
or from your grand history what else have you learned!

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