A Tale of Winter

As Winter on her silent steps arrived
among the inhabitants of this land,
the northern wind became too arid and
the rising clouds of dust mingled with the fog.
Their mating gave birth to the floating wall
looming around the teeming capital,
visible when you approach the cityscape
from outside with the setting sun behind,
like an omen along the horizon
presaging the floating venom within.
(But we have learned to live on them with ease.)
Down here Winter brings both sadness and joy;
misery of death for the humble ones
living on streets beneath the open sky
and delights of fashion and excursions
for those secured within the lavish walls.
(But the sets are mutually exclusive.)
Is it the land or the inhabitants
that begets this absurd indifference!
Must you govern Auschwitz to be haunted by remorse!

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