A Prayer Vilified

When the road in two ways diverged
I waited for seven dragging years
to know just how each one would fare
but no vision came from above.
Both the ways vanished from my gaze
a few miles from where I stood
and with that little seen it was hard
for me to discern bad from good.
Beyond that blinding curve they were same,
from darkness and for being unknown.
On the final day of the seventh year,
almost dead from no sign to see or hear
I took the path that seemed to my naked eyes
plainer and somewhat less trodden by.
But as soon as I passed the curve
I saw the fallow stretch that laid ahead.
There were too many massive chunks of stone
everywhere as thick as ignorance
and thorny trees growing on them
rude and unyielding like a belief, dead.
My first impulse was should I turn
back towards the place where it had begun.
Then on second thought I restrained that urge
and vowed not to give up no matter what.
After hanging on for another year
when I was bleeding and the wish
to die was growing strong everyday,
I found a tunnel on my way
that cut through to the other one,
the one I did not take a year ago,
no less dark or ignorant but the thrill
I could see was there of flowing downhill.
Forgive me God for I have sinned,
defiling a sacred vow I took for life.
What choices did I have but to succumb?
O God, please have mercy on me!


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