14 December 1971

An astray dog barks at the damp silence
of a chilling night and the call was echoed
up and down the road by those still alive
after thirty seven weeks of this war.
Bullets are indeed great levelers of both
the grand and the mundane, it kills them all.
As in war no one counts the bullets spent
so both the human population and
that of the dogs have rapidly declined,
in this war of eight months and twenty days.
A war that began with a genocide
of innocent civilians in their beds
as farmers and students, both young and old
took up arms to resist the invasion.
Since then this cruel battle has been raging on
across the streets, rivers and open fields,
as the countless mounds countrywide have been
growing higher steadily with corpses,
both of human and dogs piled together,
in an ugly abundance of dead meat
for the dwindling astray dogs still alive
past two hundred and sixty five days of war .
Of late the news is good, on all the fronts
the losing enemy is in retreat,
though we were outnumbered too and outgunned
but guns and numbers seldom win a war.
Recently the enemy and their friends,
the monstrous local collaborators,
lurking behind the darkness of the night,  
have begun a different war, no less
hideous or diabolical than the first;
to cripple the state even before its birth,
they have begun abducting our guardians,
the eminent minds and voices, from us
and none of those taken thus has returned
so far. Some speculate that they are killed,
their stiff, twisted bodies gagged and blindfolded, dumped
far along the river’s desolate banks.
Yesterday one of my neighbors succumbed
and on the day before one of his friends,
their families in complete disarray
in despair that they are gone forever
and with hope that they might return some day,
unsure where to cry or what to expect.
The astray dogs begin to howl again
in tandem and the sound hangs in the air
like pale fog or an evil shadow cast
by an ominous cloud over the moon
till a screeching on asphalt silenced them
and a pair of metal doors slid open.
Then I heard their footsteps growing louder
until their muffled voices stopped at my door.Image


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