What If

Let me plunge into the abyss, headlong,
let me fight the current with my bare arms,
let the vicious predators fall behind,
frozen and pale from the fear of unknown
and I shall pierce through the mantle and the core
to emerge on the surface of the world…

Let me soar across the chameleon sky
as high up as the swirling wind can go,
let the winged predators give up the chase,
being breathless and by the sun rendered blind
and I shall fly across the continents,
dense, empty and across the oceans, blue…

Let me roam alone in a desert realm
where soothing shadows thick enough to breathe
are more precious than a mine full of gold,
let me there sow the seeds of tender love
and watch them grow into green, moist leaves
drowning the vast sea of dry sand beneath…

But in the end when these cravings for light,
for a tender love and the freedom, wild
would culminate in grave insanity
what if in my throbbing heart I realize,
the joy and thrill of all these would have paled
against the ecstasy I might have felt
if I could lay my eyes on her painted face,
for one last time before I went away!

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