Stay The Course

Stay the course O brothers and sisters brave
and let us rectify the history!

Now is not the time to resign,
the hour is with us finally
and we must not look away or
fall asleep without claiming victory.

The ocean has begun to roar again
after more than forty years of silence,
of indifference to our violated mothers’ pain
and lying oblivious to our martyred fathers’ blood.

The waves of countless eyes rose and fell
in unison, here and there rows of candles burned.
Fathers, daughters, mothers and sons stood together
with the barriers of age and gender, gone.

Let us unleash a raging Tsunami
that shall never be a mere lynching mob
satisfied with the blood of a few rapists,
a handful of traitors and murderers!

Let the oppression and tyranny too be crushed
along with corruption and ignorance
so those who keep a sovereign state crippled
may perish below the stomping waves!

Let us carry on the hopes and dreams
of the millions who sacrificed their life
so we may have the freedom to survive!
Let us finish what they, long ago, had begun!

Till we have rectified our history
let no one think that the time has come to return,
stay the course O brothers and sisters brave
we must pave the way through which brighter days shall come!


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