Too Many Contradictions

To what end the hells and heavens were made?
Religion draws one with licking flames, vicious
and deadly too while the other with sparkling grains
of jewels and delicacies, divine
and claims, they discourage vices
while luring the humble folks to be virtuous.

Yet whatever heroic the world has seen so far
were mostly done without any desire
for grand medals of honor in return
while often the promised rewards were sought
by those who had to personify eminence
to obtain caskets of material worth.

Should those indifferent to alcohol in life
ever grow indulgent after their death?

Too many contradictions hang
in the air, forged with our love and betrayal
between the collective and the individual,
enforced by our perceptions of right and
wrong, vice and virtue, of evil and the God.
Religion restrains itself to sin and reward
while history to faces and dates
and education, how to steal.

Still the pinnacle of contradictions no doubt is
the sacred human soul, the holy abode
for both the devil and the God,
a void infinite where the hells burn and the heavens soothe!

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