To My Valentine

The glow of her feathery skin,
olive, pulls at me like a magnet, strong,
I become possessed like a bee,
to the sweet smelling colors madly drawn.

The odor of her skin is sweet as well,
captivating if inhaled for too long.
Her skin melts around my touch as a lump
of butter melts around a sizzling thorn.

The flow of her hair, cascading
down towards the charming swell of her hips
like a sea of silky waves,
renders my fancy forever entranced.
Their color is a perfect match
with that of her happy, enchanting eyes.

Her soft, full and chocolate lips,
enticing me like two Turkish Delights,
break into a soft, mellow and sublime
smile of joy, too radiant to overlook.

The brightness of her smile is charming too,
diffusing harsh realities with a glow,
soft, hazy and lukewarm as in dreams,
where barren emptiness morphs into nirvana.


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