An Elegy for A Comrade

O Brave soldier of freedom, true,
O so ruthlessly slaughtered soul,
O the first martyr of our age,
we shall never have your blood spilled in vain!

After almost forty two years have passed,
the traitors have drawn first blood once again,
bringing back the memories of cruel pain
but if they think that it will make us run
away in fear or force us to give up,
we shall not even spare them with the time
to be surprised when our noble avengers
soon unleash slow and painful death on them.

O the unvanquished and fiery
spirit of the revolution,
you shall live in us until its over,
this war for our independence and beyond!

O the selfless hero of our generation,
O the lamb who wounded them with his sharp, glowing words,
on your sacred blood we have vowed not to return home,
like our ancestors, the pioneers of freedom, brave,
believing in the divine hope of peace
through an illusive armistice, abused
by the very traitors to replenish
their wealth, strength and influence lost in the war!

O first, true martyr of the second wave
we swear on your blood to annihilate
and we vow not to cease before
the very last of the traitors
and their blood from this bleeding ground,
through sacrifices made divine,
are repelled away from the holy land
and only then, mourning, we shall bury your sacred bones!

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