My True Love

My true love is someone who has
never deserted me in her life,
bearing with me everywhere,
unaltered through the days and nights.

As when the rain has turned a bright
and sunny day into a grave
or as dark and the flash of light
from a roaring thunder unveils
the blind world, I see, she is there,
either sitting if I am too
or if I remain on my feet
she stands at least as tall as me.

On a clear day her height varies
with the position of the sun.
In the morning she starts from far,
creeping close as the day progressed
and her height keeps diminishing.
Right at noon when the blazing sun
reaches the summit of the sky
she is closest and shortest too.

From there till the eye of heaven
is setting beyond the horizon
her height grows as she walks away
from me and her color pales.

On a moonlit night when I feel
a longing for love deep inside,
she is there beside me and when
at nights too dark without the stars
as I wish to be left alone,
she is there too, just invisible.
Thus my true love is forever
around me through my weals and woes.

O I can only see but never feel
her for she is my shadow on the wall!

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