The War of Gods

When even the godly humans in us,
burdened with a purpose glorified,
have lost their eyes in a raw blaze of greed,
being at perpetual war against
one another, can the simple folks living
far below the shrouded peaks of Olympus remain
unobtrusive for honesty though fearless still
and fierce too on the face of overwhelming pain?

That is why when that happens we succumb
to the vague illusions of vanity.

Now even the gods are at war against
each other in a blind rage, too obscene,
striving hard to drive themselves extinct
and humans, what else can they do but burn!

God exists in everything
that grows or wanes as time passes by,
for dear God is both the Time and
the idea of Growth beyond the senses of our kind!

But when the human gods here on this earth,
responsible for guidance and direction,
resort to violence for their carnal greed.
must God descend as a human to right the wrongs?


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