O, Break My Heart But I Must Hold My Tongue!

I call her Love,
as of now that is all
I have on her to say
and nothing else.

That is all you shall hear from me
for as long as she is alive at least!

Though fondly familiar
with each and every
crease too young and sublime
on her mild, calm and serene face,
with the scent of her locks
floating wide in the open air
and with her gaits and words,
of her the only thing
I can tell is her name
and until she dies, Love it shall remain!

When Death shall take her fragile hand
in the holy vow eternal,
I shall cry aloud her real name
and claim to have loved her
more than forty thousand
brothers could ever love
but until then
I shall say nothing more!

If I kiss Herr Death before he
has found my love, her name shall die with me!


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